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Anna Centenary Library

Building Type : Public / Institutional

Location : Chennai.

Area : 4, 50,000 Sft

Certification received: LEED Gold. New construction

Description of project :-

The Anna Centenary Library, Chennai, is a Government sponsored Institutional Complex housing a Public Library, a multipurpose state of the art Auditorium seating 1200, an open air Amphitheater seating 800, a Food court and other amenities covering 0.4million sft of built up area.

The planning principles include appropriate orientation, scaling down of built mass, developing the roof of the auditorium as amphitheater, segregating movement patterns etc.

Low-energy architecture has been achieved through an environmentally responsive design, using both passive design features and resource efficient active elements.

Passive design features include building shape and form (optimizing surface to volume ratios), appropriate orientation and integrated shading devices achieving maximum daylight penetration with minimum heat ingress. Reading areas, facing North and East directions, are located next to structurally glazed facades. Along the Southwest direction (where heat gain is highest) are located thermal buffer zones of service cores and a 9 floor high atrium with an outward sloping glass wall. Roof overhangs, Pergolas, Metal louvers provide distinct architectural features creating an identity for the complex, while cutting off heat and glare. Landscaped terraces reduce heat island effect.

Active Energy elements include efficient Air conditioning system, Heat recovery wheels, Lighting fixtures with daylight and motion sensors, Intelligent building management system, Waste water recycling system, Sensor based sanitary fixtures and Building materials with low embodied energy like Fly ash blocks, PP cement, Solar efficient glass, Low VOC Paints and chemicals, Recycled Carpets etc.

High performance glazing balances daylight transmission with heat penetration.

Thus sensitive architectural design and efficient building services solutions have resulted in a sustainable, low-energy building, delivered within a commercially viable budget without compromising aesthetics.

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